Create a site Property for another app by inserting in the tables

Thats basically it, I already tried inserting site properties for another apps in the tables and everything works just fine, this is until I try to find it on service center or accessing directly on the app and hey dont even show up, is it even possible? I mean u can change their values using the tables so I supposed that they could be created too

Hi Diogo,

i'm not sure what you are trying to achieve.

Site properties are properties that should be configured via service center (although not only) and their values shouldn't change often, but you can reference site properties from one module to another, if that is what you are trying to achieve. What do you mean by inserting in the tables? Could you please share the OML so I can help you further?


What i am trying to achieve is an app that manages the site properties of all modules in a enviroment, and i am trying to implement a way to create them, i dont know if it is possible, basically there are tables in (System) that saves all site properties and i am trying to use that to create a new one

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My answer probably doesnt help that much on understanding what i am trying to do, but i dont know how to explain it better, i dont even know if it is possible to do

Why would you create a site property in runtime? Even if you could do that, you could not reference them in code (site.propertyname).

I could understand you want an application that can show you the siteproperties per module, for all stages, so you can do a check when releasing stuff. 

Thanks, that helps alot, outsystems could offer something that could do that and i didnt know about, but now i understand that is not possible.

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