Read Shared Office 365 Shared mail box emails
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.14.15 (Build 60242)

We are trying to connect our Outsystems application to a shared mail box in order to read the emails from it and import the attachments into our system.

The shared mail box is in our Microsoft Office 365 exchange server. There is no user credentials specified for this email address as it is only a shared mail box. Can we read a shared mail box from Outsystems through a timer action or does it need to be a user account in Exchange?

Hi Rudolph,

you always need some credentials :-) What you can do is to create an application role permission in your Azure AD for your OutSystems application. This gives you credentials for getting an access token for the Graph API. Your application. Please note that app roles can access all mailboxes in the organization by default. See here Limiting application permissions to specific Exchange Online mailboxes - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs for configuring application access policies to limit app permission.

In your app (or in your timer server action) you would perform the following steps.

* Get an access token

* Read mailbox content via Graph API using that token



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