No "add attribute" option when right-clicking list variable.

I am following the tutorial for creating a list variable here, but when I get to the step where it describes how to add an attribute to a list, right-clicking the list variable does not show an option to add an attribute. I am also unable to change the name of the default "Text" attribute in the list, which makes me think that I am making the list immutable when I create it somehow. Am I creating the variable wrong? Has the "add attribute" functionality been moved? As far as I can tell I'm following each step of the tutorial to the letter. 

Thanks in advance. 

Edit: If this helps, when I try to add a client action later in the tutorial, the "Append list" module is completely absent from the sidebar. Which makes me think I am not creating the list variable correctly or the interface is not recognizing that a list variable is present. 

Clicking upon the variable you can 'double click' on Data Type and set the its record / list type. If you want to have a list with diferent attribute types, you can create a structure and set the variable as "some Structure List"

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