Hierarchy ListBox

Hierarchy ListBox

How do I do several Listbox's dependencies?

For example I bind my first ListBox, then when I click one item on the first ListBox, I want to bind a second ListBox in the base of the selected item in first ListBox

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Duarte Brito
Hello Duarte, and welcome to the Community!

i've attached an example .oml based on another post which i think that both posts are the same case.

basically you need to have two list, one for each combobox, and when you choose some value in the first one, you need to query based on that value and refresh the second combo.

take a look on it, and let us know if you need more help!

EDIT: I've make confusion with combobox sorry... but there is also another post regarding this topic, take a look on this one also. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks, It's that...