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We have a traditional Application which Handles the Payment Process.
Now that we want to upgrade our Application to Reactive web ,we are facing difficulty in the page where we integrate Response from the Payment Gateway Pages.
few of the payment gateway sites would call our page using the Post call sending some response(insensitive)in the URL.

Reactive application pages would throw a 405 error, as they cannot be landed in such manner.

Page to handle post request | OutSystems
Error 405 when submitting a Post - Reactive Application | OutSystems

-->building a traditional page to handle this scenario and redirecting to the Reactive page with the required data Encrypted in the Query parameters seems to be the only way to handle this, which indeed will not be a complete Reactive Application.

Kindly suggest if I am missing any other alternative.

Hi Varada,

Please check this, it has a good technique to achieve the same requirement.


Hi Ahmed,
I have already mentioned that link in my Post.
If you go through the whole post(replies), that Solution is not applicable for Reactive Page.

Hi Varada,

Please check this attached POC and let me know if it works with you. You can use Postman to test.  

I think the question here would be; will your Payment Gateway application (the client in this case) follow redirects? 

Postman settings:

Redirect POC.oap

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your quick response, it works fine on Postman.

It would be a Server.Transfer or Response.Redirect() at the Client End(Payment Gateway), to which if its a traditional web page, lands absolutely fine, Reactive one throwing a 405 error.

Kindly correct me If I understood it wrong, as I have already tried implementing and struck for the Alternative.

Now that I understood I might have mentioned the title of my question better.

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