Error [K1NOPS040].dbo.[OSUSR_SUZ_CONVOCADO] with key 0 was not updated appearing

Hi, in my site i want select some players and change a bolean atribute to true and at same time i want count how many players are selected but when i select one appear me that error, someone can Help?


The error i think is here

Try to debug and see what is happening and where is breaking.

With the debug on you can step by step see what is happening.

Check if you are passing well the Ids

Also, is it possible to share your oml? or application?



In the Debugger shows this but idk what it means

I cant send you the oml file because has more than 4 MB if you want see send me your email and i send you

I think you are trying to update a record that doesn't exist, in this case, is 0.

Have a look at this post.

Maybe the table where you are trying to update you are not passing the id.

Check when you are updating the convocado table if you are passing the id to do the update, try to debug that.



Hi Simão Dias,

you might be updating/deleting a recording with key 0.

did you check the service center log ?

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