Opening screen in "_parent" or "_blank" results in error

Opening screen in "_parent" or "_blank" results in error


I have been working on a system that fetches records from an excel file and then displays the number of hits were found in the excel file (or rather Daniel has :) ). As an addition to the current functionality, the number hits field has a link to a pop up, which displays the records from the excel file that were counted as hits.
From this pop up, I would like to create a link to a full screen view, which is a fetch from a webservice. I have set it up so far, and it seems to work. Unfortunately, when clicking the link, it opens in the pop up window, which is (generally) way to small to be able to contain the information in this new screen. 
In order to force the screen to open in a new window, I have used the extended properties and set that to "target" "_blank", which results in a Internet Explorer error (cannot open page). The URL for this, is some kind of java code.

open as "_blank"

When I use "target" "_parent" which should open the screen in the parent frame (i.e. the main IE window / tab), it results in some weird looking screen. 

Open target in "_parent"

I haven't got a clue as to why this is happening. I do not see anything weird in the "code", and as the function / screen works in the pop-up, it seems that that bit is fine.
The eSpace does have one warning, which states: "Scalability Suggestion" : "Screen input parameters of 'Record List' data type should be avoided."
But this error has not caused any issues before?

I hope somebody has a solution for this, or at least an idea what might be causing it.

Please let me know if any additional information is needed!


Hi Joroen,

"target" will only work for links with the Method set to Navigate.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago ,

thanks for your reply. Working with navigation instead of submit did do the trick. I had tried that before, but as I was using records / record lists as input for the screen, error arrose stating this was not a correct way to handle it.
I rebuild a bit of the app so I could work my way around that, resulting in a working link from the pop up.

Thanks again,