Aggregates and Advanced query

Bind two columns of table with aggregate and two column of table with sql query it is possible then how ?

Suppose i have four column in table webscreen , two column should bind with aggregate and two column should bind with advance query sql ?

Please let me know the solution if possible.

Hey Sangam,

You can try to have a local variable as the source for your table, and you can append the values you want to the columns. But, if you need some values from a SQL query, why not have all the values from it, instead of using 2 sources?

Hope this helps

Hello, Sangam.

No, it is not possible to bind a few table columns to one aggregate and a few table columns to a different aggregate or dataaction output (assuming SQL query is written inside dataction only)

what you are capable of Create one dataaction, call aggregate, run SQL query, and then process the results of both. Create a customized list (Structure - contains all attributes that you want to display in table) and bind the output of dataaction to the table's source property.

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