[OutSystems UI] Datepicker input is readonly in OutSystems UI 2.8.3
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Hi all,

In version 2.8.3 of OutSystems UI the new DatePicker pattern ceased to allow inputting the date via keyboard. You can only set the date with the mouse.

Am I right or am I doing something wrong?


Hi there!

You're right @Joao Melo!

We decided to block the ability to directly type date at the input for now since we expect users select the date through the calendar instead written it.

That said, is this a blocker that prevent you on upgrading it to this new version? Or this is just a nice to have?

Thanks for your feedback!



Being in a reactive library it's not a blocker. The ability to type the date is a requirement that we have - so far - only in traditional modules.

If we have that requirement in reactive modules we have to use the deprecated pattern.

Thanks José!

And now we're talking about it, besides the ability to type the date, would be nice to be able to define the mask on the shown date and time. That dash looks strange in there.

We'll take a look in this and let you know if we'll have a way to change it @Joao Melo!

Once again thank you for your feedback!


Hi @José Rio,

If the native component (flatpickr) you are using supports that option, why don't you pass that condition on to the programmer instead of forcing it on yourselves?

Hi @Luis Gomes,

This are not finished patterns, we will keep improving them according community feedback and suggestions ;)

That said, we decided to disabled it in order to deliver a better user experience, once to enabling this feature we should also deliver it with an input mask based on DateFormat as well, something lib (flatpickr) doesn't support, and ends on having an empty input.
For now we didn't start working on this improvement!

Thanks for your feedback,

JR, our biggest problem with the new date picker is that it has lost “disabled dates” and “disabled days of week”. We need both of those because we have a bill payment admin where users can change date of payment but we don’t want them to select a holiday or non-processing dat if the week.

Hi @Nitin Batra,

In fact, it's something in our timeline already! ;) 

Thanks as well!


@José Rio Any update when manual input will be available in the Date picket component?

Hello @Patrícia Glória Ferreira 

If you're talking about the ability to change the dates directly on the input (being disabled) we already have it since version 2.10.0 (released on 25 July 2022) by using the DatePickerSetEditableInput and DatePickerRangeSetEditableInput client actions.


It's already there, Patrícia.

Add a handler in the event Initialized of your datepicker and in that event add the OutSystems UI client action DatePickerSetEditableInput.

That should do the trick.

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