Delete the values in a box, over a certain period of time

Basicly i want to do a list of things to a training section, but when the date of the trainning section goes by, it resets the values of each variable respectively, is that possible??

If you know the time and date that the training is going to happen with a timer you can always check if the training has already finished by calling a timer. If is finished you remove those values from the database, if it's not finished you can continue to call the timer.

Try this, and let me know if you think is a good approach :)

Or you can do another thing that is kind of hacking but I don't recommend it. If those values are just seen in that screen, when you open that screen using a data action you can check if the time of training already passed and if yes you rest the values :D



Do we need to put the data in the database? this is just like a temporary list of things, temporary variables, that are always chaging ... how can i call a timer?

Hi Francisco José Ferreira Alves 

If you don't want to put data in database and don't want to call time here is simple way that you can do.

Just give one popup on page load with kinda text "Do we have training  today" with "Yes" and "No" button if click on YES then clear data or else keep it as it is 

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