Password required at Training

Hi all,

I'm following the Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11) training and now I have to create a new user. In the exercise; the only two mandatory items are Name and Username (first image), but I'm required to fill in a password aswell (Second iamge). Is there a way to turn the password field off or bypass it somehow?

Thank you in advance!



Please read the line carefully -

e) Fill the form to create a user movieadmin_<YOUR_INITIALS> with password:

It is saying that you need to fill password as well. 

In Users applications password is mandatory while creating a new user in application.



Hi Vinod,

My bad, I was misled by the image.

Thanks for answering.


As Vinod Patidar said, you must fill in the password. But if you want to login without having to type, you can try the example demonstrated in the Authentication Path, where clicking on the the user automatically redirects you as the clicked user.

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