Totally in the dark

Totally in the dark

I have a small business which is expanding.I am looking for a way to control documentation efficiently .Basically what I want to do is have a paperless electronic document control system in place.
How do I set this up here or am I allowed to while in the free trial period .Can an electronic document control system be classed as both paper based and paperless based .
Thanks Guys 
Hi Sean, and welcome to the Outsystems community!

My advice is to start by looking at the Outsystems Apps its a set of free web apps that you can try online, install in your server, and change as you like. 

From you question i think the Documents App is what you want: 

"Documents is a fully functional web application that includes most of the functionality found in document management packages. However, this is the only documents app that you can truly customize to make it your own - and it's free!"

So take a look this app, and remember that you can customize to fit your needs!

let us know if you need more help