How will you change the error message of the NotRegistered error handler?
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How will you change the error message of the NotRegistered error handler? or will I be able to? I tried doing it like the below picture. Also, I put it in the OnException Action on the common screen but to no avail. Thanks.

You can pass the message that you want anytime you want, in case you are doing on a form or a new screen or if you click on save you can check if the user has the role using the check role action from the role that you are testing.

Also, for that handler to work you will need to raise an exception in some cases:

Have a look at this link to check roles.

You can use this to check the role of the user. If is not registered you raise the exception :)

Also, that assignment will not fire any feedback message is just an output, if you want to fire a feedback, use the feedback message.



Hi Matanong,

If you want to show a message to the users when they try to enter a screen without being logged in, you can go to the OnException handler in the common UI Flow, you can add a message before the redirect to the Login screen in the SecurityException handler.

If you want to add the validation in a Business Logic action you can do the validation, set the message you want if it fails and then show that message in your UI module.

Let me know if this helps,


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