Getting Unknown object error while changing the header colour in Theme Editor
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.16 (Build 60354)


I want to change the colour of the header so when I am trying to change the colour of the header in Theme Editor by clicking on the colour palette immediately I am getting two errors is there an issue in outsystems or is there any other way.

I am getting the below two error while trying to change the colour of the header.

Unknown object 'Template_ReactiveWebApp' used in 'appname' Style Sheet.

Unknown object 'Template_ReactiveWebApp' used in 'appname' (Theme Editor).


There must be some broken or unknow reference  in Template_ReactiveWeb App .Please re check.

Resolution steps in :

Not able to get anything from that link redirects to mysupport page. Can you please provide screenshot of resolution steps or content here. It would ne great.

Thank you

Justeena T Chamakala

Issue has been resolved by changing background color and a different background image, seems that the one  uploaded was not correctly set.  

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