Strange error in a link from the entity "list" page

I have an entity called Applications.  I have dragged the entity to my main flow and created the Applications List, Applications Show, and Applications Edit web page.  I have dragged a link to the Name column of the table on Applications List  The link points to Mainflow\Application_Show.  The ApplicationId is set to:  ApplicationTable.List.Current.Applications.Id.  This matches all of the links on other Entity List web pages that point to the respective Entity Show page.

When I click on the Application List page, I see my applications displayed properly.  When I click on the link that should take me to the Application Show page for that particular app, I get an error message that says, "Application has been deleted".  I look in the database and can see that the data in the Applications table is correct.  Creating new Applications from the "Create New Application" link gives me the same error.

How do I troubleshoot this without having to rebuild my entire app?  I've tried deleting those pages and recreating them, but no luck.
Hi Craig,

If you could share the OML it would be a loot easier to help you! :)
You say that you have created the Show and Edit pages, have you used Intelliwarp to do this? If you didn't you should try to do it with that and see if the problem persists.

Hermínio Mira
I'm not entirely sure what features are encompassed by "Intelliwarp", but I'm pretty much just dragging entities and objects from the right hand pane onto the web flows and prepartions to build my apps.

I ended up deleting the Application Show page and recreating it and the problem went away.  Thanks!