How to create SparkLine Chart with outsystems chart widget and Highcharts.JS
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hi OS Community.

I want to create Sparkline chart(Chart URL link below) into my application which is Traditional type.

SparkLine Chart URL

want to use outsystems chart widget and HighchartJSON together with dynamic value.

Have No idea how to start.

Hi Apoorve,

This is basically Line Chart you need to add only some Advance Json here and it will look like same.

You can Create one Web Block with Line Chart with input parameter and use this this web block inside table record widget accordingly.

Hope this will help you.


Deepa Tiwari

Hey Apoorv,

Here's some documentation that might help you start working with charts:

As you can see on the second link, you can combine chart types, so you'll probably need to start with a line chart, and then add a second type

Hope this helps!

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