When do i use screen event?

Can someone tell me when should i use : 

On Initialize.

On Ready 

On Render

On Destroy




On InitializeOccurs after checking the permission of the user to access the Screen, but before navigating to the Screen and fetching data. In Blocks, it occurs after the navigation. You can use it to initialize the Screen or Block by setting its default data.
On ReadyOccurs after the Screen or Block DOM is ready, before the transition starts.
On RenderOccurs right after the Screen or Block On Ready event handler and every time the data of a Screen or Block changes. You can use it to update some third-party component.
On DestroyOccurs before destroying a Screen or Block and removing it from the DOM. You can use it to implement logic when the component is disposed, such as to remove event listeners.

Follow given link below for more understanding.




Hi K A,

Please find the below details -

On Initialize -

1. Set default values for screen variables

2. Redirect the user to another screen based on a condition

On Ready -

1. Add JavaScript listeners to a DOM element

2. Set the focus on an input widget

On Render -

1. Act upon a change in data

On Destroy -

1. Remove JavaScript listeners

2. Clean the DOM





Hi K A,

I have a question for you, why don't you search the OutSystems documentation or training material for this. You will find the answers there easily and faster than posting on the forum. The answer to your question can be fond in second browsing the internet or the Outystems documentation.

I see this is becoming a trend now to ask "Please tell me how to use x".

OutSystems has great documentation and training material, which is something someone new to OutSystems should read through to get a better basic understanding of how to develop applications with OutSystems.



Hi Daniel,

I do follow the training and i did read on Internet and the documentation, but I didn't understand it very well, so I wanted to get some example of how to use it.

Thank you!


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