Minimum date in AgilePlatform 5.1

I am trying to set a Date variable to the value 1753-01-01 (the default MS Dynamics NAV NullDate), this was possible in AgilePlatform 4.2 but in 5.1 it gives an error. It is not mentioned in the Breaking Changes for 5.1 document.

Navision (and other sql-modeles) use dates in year 1753 (min date) and year 9999 (max date), is it possible to use this data?

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter
Hi Matthias,

From the help:
"The Date data type stores a calendar date. A Date literal must be enclosed with number signs (#) and in the format YYYY-MM-DD. The supported range of this data type goes from 1900-01-01 to 3000-12-31."

This has not been changed.
In 4.2 the service studio validator probably just didn't check correcly the values.

João Rosado
We are using #1753-01-01# dates in our current 4.2 eSpaces, but we are getting errors while upgrading these eSpaces to 5.1. Is this only a problem for setting te value or is this also a problem with values from a sql table?