Automatic Publish Solution

Automatic Publish Solution


Anyone know how I can every day automaticly publish a solution for Current Running Version every day.

Rodrigo Catarino

Hi, For version 5.1 this is NOT as simple as it might look.

Service center has some web service actions that allow you to trigger and manipulate a solution. However in version its not so easy to manipulate those solution....

I have a very simple espace based on another ci integration espace that I have extended and customized.

How does it work:

  • Creates a temporary solution based on the running code
  • Published that solution
  • Creates a new final solution based on the running code
  • Deletes the temporary solution
  • Exports that solution to the file system
  • Sends you an email with the status

You have a timer that can do this every day

You have a service center web service call that will allow you to publish the solution in another server.

Things that do not work:

  • The log is based on cache (i never changed it) so the log gets truncated and your email never has the complete publish log
  • Sometimes the solution publish hangs and the timer that collects the log keeps running trying to se if the solution has finished

Have fun

the site properties may be a little cryptic so here is some explanation:
  • In the attached file you will find the XSLT traformation code
  • CI_Dir: Destination directory where on the file system would you like to have this dumped
  • CI_Domain: The domain name or local machine name for the user security context that will try to export the solution to the file system
  • CI_Domain_User: the userid for the security context *
  • CI_Domain_Password: The password for the user *
  • CI_MessageStatus: XSLT To get the message status
  • Display_XSLTTransform:A XSLT Transform to present SC Publication results
  • CI_UserName: Servbice center user name who will publish the solution
  • CI_Password: Password for that user
  • CI_Server_Key: Name of the server
  • CI_Solution_Name: The name of the solution
  • Email_From: the email from
  • Email_SendTo: list of email destinations to (separete with ;)
  • ignore the rest
The xslt are in the attached files
There are also 2 web references
(this is how you point your solution to be published on another server)

ServiceStudio http://localhost/servicecenter/ServiceStudio.asmx Solutions http://localhost/servicecenter/solutions.asmx

* Both can be ignored if you run under an application pool that has a valid domain user or if you go to operations and run the espace under a valid security context

Try submiting this to the IPP for protection removal

Let me know if it works