Invalid Property Value 'ConsoleErrorType' is defined in an integration or in a Librar

Invalid Property Value 'ConsoleErrorType' is defined in an integration or in a Library module and cannot be used as an  Aggregate Source.

while I try to bind dropdown I am getting the above error.please help me to resolve the issue.


Hey @Sukumar Singh ,

I can see that you're consuming a Lib module directly. Is there some specific reason for that? Also, does this entity come from an API?

To avoid this kind of problem, you should create your foundation modules as services and not as libraries. Service modules are used to consume/expose REST APIs and normalize the data coming from the APIs to ease the maintenance and re-usability of that data.

Also, you should add your own public structures, to expose the data after normalizing it.

If you read this documentation, you can see that "Static Entities can be created and referenced in Libraries but cannot be used in queries, as dropdown sources or as foreign keys for entities. However, you cannot reference Static Entities from (System) in Libraries."

If needed, you can expose the entity data using a query inside a server action, but it's not ideal.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Laura Fidalgo  for your valuable information.

Any time @Sukumar Singh !

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I encountered the same problem. I'm new to app development and this is essentially my first project. I am working on the "mostbet india" app and tried to do everything according to the recommendations of the previous commenter, but the problem remains unsolved. I haven't updated my device in a long time, maybe that's the problem?

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