Delete auto generated id of users entity from system module

Hi Everyone, 

need to delete the auto generated id from user entity

Hi Saif,

We can't delete System module entity attribute. We can create additional attribute using extension table. 



can we not reset the count. since i have created number of ids for testing purposes?

Hi @saif sheikh ,

The only purpose of this id is to make user records uniquely identifiable.

 Why do you care about the specific values?


Hi Dorine,

i plan to have a count of the active ids in chronological order. hence having them start fresh would be ideal.

Well, at that point you are attaching some sort of functional meaning to this attribute, don´ t.

As others suggested, create an extension entity, add an non auto generated number to that, called userCount or userOrder or something like that, and you can count and order your active users and restart from zero to your hearts content.



Create an extension entity for the User.
It would be easy for you to control & customize as per requirement.

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