Second look

Hi - I evaluated this some time ago, and even did the tests for the first level.   Since then, I had a job change.
Things are now settled at the new job, and it has recently occurred to me that this product could be a great
match for the new organization.
Thus, I will be taking a second look, starting this weekend.

Since my last round: have there been any changes with the documentation?   Is there a nice, complete PDF somewhere I can
read offline, instead of doing all learning with the courses?   I especially need to see any and all docs related to Mobile.

Any pointers appreciated.

Hello Frank

Welcome back then! 

I'm not sure what you've see so far, and what you're looking for in specific, but if mobile is your thing, I would suggest to start trying out our mobile apps, and check out the mobile related documentation at

Then, if you haven't already, try out the latest Agile Platform 6.0 (, start tweeking your mobile apps at once. You can try it freely on the Cloud, or download the full installer and use it on premise.

If you're new to Agile Platform 6.0 and want to experience the new mobile architecture, check out the following resources as well: Cheers