Set imput warning message on change.


I have an imput that I ask the user how many of a certain item he wants to store inside the box.

So imagine the Imput says:

How many tools do you want to store?

Inside the Imput it has a prompt message saying: Limite 10 items.

My question here is.

While the user is typing a number, if he types 11 it will give him below the imput a message saying (Sorry the limit is 10).

And if he types 2 it will say minimum amount is 4.

 I know I need to create an action and to the imput I add that action as On change.

But the question here is what should I do inside that action to make it happen?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Roberto, 

If I understood you right you have 2 input box one for items and one for amount right ?

if yes, I have attached OML and Link for the same.

Demo Link : Demo

if No, feel free to ask..

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


The input widget would have been tied to a Screen Variable (Lets say x, with Int Data type).
With that said, below logic should help your case. You can add this to Onchange action of that input widget

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