Getting errors while changing header style css in version 11.14.16

I want to change the colour of the header so when I am trying to change the colour of the header in Theme Editor by clicking on the colour palette immediately I am getting two errors is there an issue in outsystems or is there any other way.

I am getting the below two error while trying to change the colour of the header.

Unknown object 'Template_ReactiveWebApp' used in 'appname' Style Sheet.

Unknown object 'Template_ReactiveWebApp' used in 'appname' (Theme Editor).


Hi Justeena T Chamakala, could you please share little more the oml or  the property screenshort where you are assigning the class.

Also try once by refereshing and taking all the dependencies and publishing  your module this might help you...

as from the error can see the template_reactivewebapp is missing.

There are no dependencies added. Also, due to these errors, unable to publish the module. Unable to add oml for reference.

Issue has been resolved by changing background color and a different background image, seems that the one  uploaded was not correctly set. 

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