DropDown Search IsDisabled not refreshed
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11.53.0 (Build 60458)

Hello Guys,

i have a problerm with the IsDisabled Option from the DropDownSearch Component.

I created a local bool variable (default value TRUE) and assigned it as IsDisabled Property:

I fetch data from an example database and onAfterFetch i changed the variable to FALSE.

For testing i adden a switch to see the variable state:

and what i see is the swicth state changed and the Search is still disabled.

If i change the switch to TRUE and back to FALSE the Search is enabled.

How can i update the refrsh event or is it a bug?

i uploaded my project and here the test link:


I added a video in the next comment

Thank you


Hi @AndiK ,

I'm not sure I understand your issue. I've downloaded your oml and, when opening the screen, the boolean value is false and the search is enabled, you just need to click on the dropdown and start writing. Is this not what you want?

You can't start writing right away when opening the screen, because the focus is not on the widget itself, but you can click and search.

Also, you don't need that data action, you could simply add the aggregate to your screen.


Hi, thanks for your reply,

i thinks it is not every time:

i recorded a video (In the video i just reloaded the page)


Thanks for the video, I can see now what's happening.

Since you're disabling the dropdown based on the after fetch of the data action, have you tried using the IsDataFetched?




 please use onchange event  of the switch

Screenshot 2022-05-24 165210.png

Hi @chandresh vikram singh patel ,

thanks for your reply!

the switch is only for showing the state of the variable.

I dont want to use this.

Hi Andik,

i believe this is a bug in either the platform or the widget, where once the widget has initially been drawn on the screen, changing of the disable property doesn't cause it to be redrawn/updated.

You could put it inside an if, and have some alternative content in the else, as is often done for widgets that depend on data fetches, but if you want to show it disabled, you could make following workaround (ugly, but easier then trying to debug the widget)

  • put the widget in a container

  • give the container a class dependent on the disabled condition

  • add this css (the css avoiding the click is the pointer-events:none, the rest is an example on how you could make it visual that it is disabled, to be changed to a style of your liking)

See in attachment your changed oml



Hi @Dorine Boudry ,

thanks for the workaround!

Is it possible to set the cursor to not-active on hover?

How can i contanct the dev to fix the problem?

I´ m leaving for holiday weekend, so I can´ t try it out myself, but it will be something like 

cursor: none

Contact Outsystems would be by reporting a bug here

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