Case Management Framework Email Template Not Found


I'm trying to send an Email using the Case Management Framework. However, when it goes to send I get this error

{"Type":"NotificationEngineException","Message":"Cannot send email. EmailTemplate not found: *********"}

The stars represent the name of the GUID, returned. There seems to be an email template in the aggregate and it gets logged in debugger.

Am I missing something really obvious?

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If you want to send email using CMF then email templates must be registered in CMF first to use. We use guid to uniquely identify the template in CMF. So seems there is some error in that part. It will be helpful you can provide OML for this.

You can follow this link :

Also in OutTracker application, I think there is sample given for email send.


Hi. That makes sense. I think the issue is now resolved. I had all my email information stored in the one entity, not like the 2 as in the example. That explains why the email templates need storing separately. The error seems to have gone. Thanks for the link! The next step was to think how to include Dynamic Fields so that will help. I've downloaded Outtracker and it is a useful reference. Thankyou

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