Replace Data not working as expected in Service Studio 11.14.16?
Service Studio Version
11.14.16 (Build 60340)

When demonstrating OutSystems I often show the "Replace Data" functionality, which is great to show OutSystems capabilities, e. g. I create the Productcatalog screen and then I replace the sample data with my data, see attachment. Does this work in Service Studio 11.14.16? Here I now first get a dialog screen to select the attributes. After "Replace Data" the existing hierarchy of widgets (Interaction\Animate, Card_Gallery and its content) is completely destroyed. Or did I made a mistake here? I tried out different things to try to fix this. Finally I realized that this works after installing the old Service Studio version 11.14.15 instead of 11.14.16.

Replace Data.png

@OutSystems: why is no one answering?

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