Customize Reactive Web APP by Tenant.

how can I customize my reactive web app for each user? I have a multi-tenant reactive web app where each user is a tenant and each user needs some additional functionality that I don't want the other users to have.

e.g Tenant (A) can print some kind of dokuments, where Tenant (B) cannt. 



Hi Bilal,

I think multitenancy is not for individual user.

As per use case you given you can control the some functionality, visibility of UI controls, screen access using OutSystems Roles simply.

If still you have confusion then share your requirements in little more details.


Hi Vikas,

Thank you for answering. In my case I have one environment, which I will share it with multi-users. By using multi-tenant I can give each user a space, where he can use the App without influencing the other users. But each user (e.g userA) need to have a additional featuers or screens, that other users don't need it, so I need to add the featuers to userA and don't allow others User to use it. 

OutSystems Roles dose't do the job, since each tenant has his own Roles 

I hope I could give you more details. 


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