Database connection

hi everyone,
I am new to OutSystems and I'm learning.
Sorry to ask a stupid question.
I don't know how to retrieve data from the backend to the front end.
I'm developing an application for a startup and I couldn't find anything about a data connection.
Please help me with this!!!

Hi Pratik,

You don't need to worry about data base connection in outsystems unless you need to connect to external database.

In service studio go to Data tab in that you can add your entities (tables) and you can use them.Database connection is handled by the platform itself.

Best Regards


Hi Pratik,

Hope you are doing good.

Because you mentioned that you are new to OutSystems, it would be best if you followed the guided path to gain a thorough understanding of the platform.

Here you will learn everything there is to know about OutSystems entities.

and you will learn how to retrieve data from the database here.

and you'll learn how to bind the data to UI widgets here.


You can create entity (table) inside data tab,every entity has 6 default action like,create,update,get,create or update,delete,getforupdate .

By using this entity action you can perform crud operations. 

You have to simple drag drop action on button click and to fetch data create aggregate by right click on page name and add source.

Hope you will understand. 



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