Unable to Process Request
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.2 (Build 43109)

After being logged out automatically (due to timeout), when trying to log back into our Development or Test environments, we receive this error message "Unable to Process Request" on a consistent basis (happens every time, in fact). 

 The URL looks like this:  https://<organization>-dev.outsystemsenterprise.com/IdP/SSO.aspx

Any help with what causes this error would be greatly appreciated! 

In Outsystems Service Center, Error Log:

[OSDEV1].dbo.[OSSYS_USER_T18] with key 0 was not updated

The Detail description:

Hi Daniel,

Have you or any team member updated any custom logic recently in Idp Component? As per error log screen shot,

In updateuser action probably user is getting updated without any Id.

I would suggest just recheck any recent changes happen in your module as well as Idp component.

Good Luck!



Hello Sheetal.

I appreciate your response.  Unfortunately, we haven't made any recent changes in the Idp component.  We've had this problem for a long, long time and are trying to address it now.  As it's an issue in our Dev and Test environment (and not Prod) it hasn't been a mission-critical issue to solve.


Glad to know that its not on production. :)

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