Mac m1 service studio problems

Hi, I'm having a lot of problems using service studio on mac. The main problems are:

The menus jump to the wrong menus, for example when clicking on a container that is inside a block, it does not show the options of this one, but of the block. Sometimes I want to click twice to access an aggregate and it doesn't work, i need to to exit that window/ and then coming back. This is all done at an extreme slowness compared to what I see in other users on windows. The program freezes. The windows turn white and only display options again if you hover the mouse over the close arrow, etc

does anyone else have these problems?

when does an update come out?


Hi Filipe!

Can you please share what version of Service Studio for macOS are you using?

Hi Bruno. I'm using the last version. 

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 09.26.53.png

Thanks for sharing.

Regarding your question about when an update comes out - we are releasing a new version every week, in which we continuously improve the quality and stability of the tool, addressing issues similar to the ones you mentioned.

As for the specific problems you're experiencing, I kindly ask you to report them through the "Give us feedback" option that exists in Service Studio, if possible describing the steps to reproduce, so we can look at telemetry data and other resources that help us understand what's happening in your environment.


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