ButtonLoading widget rasing error message
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.16 (Build 60354)

I used ButtonLoading widget in my application screen, every time  i go to that page in browser (page contains that buttonloading widget) i getting error message, that like "There are no '.btn' element as buttonLoading Placeholder child", please help me friends if you know the solution for this.i am waiting for yours reply........


Which is your OutSystemsUI Version? And can you check if you have the Button Loading refreshed on your dependencies? Try to refresh the button loading, or if you see there is another version of the button loading choose the one that is not deprecated. 



OutSystemUI version is 2.8.1, and i conformed ButtonLoadin is refreshed in dependencies, not selected deprecated buttonloading, i can't  able to address where the issue is occured.


I am sure :D It's because you have a button loading widget being used and you don't have anything on the placeholder, that's why the error.

I could replicate

The button loading widget needs on the placeholder a button with class .btn. Because the buttonLoading is just a component that will do the feature of loading to the button.

Dont forget to put this too. If you dont put this container with this class its going to say that its missing loading spinner.

Check the OML

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Hi vishnu shankar

This is the very basic error about Outsystem UI.

Please select the button and go to the Style tab (Bottom right side) and add  btn class then your error resolve completely.

Select Button > Go to Button Style > Edit button style and add one extraa class       btn  in edit box (here btn is the class name)

Ex:  btn btn-primary

then publish .



i comformed that there is  a button in buttonloading placeholder and the button has a 'btn' class, even i get error message in the screen "There are no '.btn' element as buttonLoading Placeholder child", this error is unpredictable, it comes sometime and disappear itself.

If possible then please share your oml file

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