How to filter a chart by month wise

Hi all,

I need to filter my chart/graph by dropdown which consist of months in year?

in my application I 've sales data for daily, and I need to show my data in dashboard as a chart or graph and i need my chart to show monthly wise data in a dropdown.

if anyone know help us through.

Hi Surya,

You can filter the data by applying filter condition in Aggregate. Set a input parameter to aggregate and  pass the dropdown selected value as the input of the aggregate and in aggregate you can write the condition  Month(Date) = Inputparameter

Hope this will help.

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Thanks for your timely response and how to link dropdown and chart 

in case if i select june in my dropdown it should only show sales data of june month

Hi Surya,

Dorpdown and chart can be linked with the aggregate filter as you select month from dropdown a aggregate refresh will trigger to filter the aggregate with the selected month and the chart will get the data of that particular month 

Kindly check the below working URL.

And attached is the working sample.

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