How to only show record when the ID current login is same with ID on Attribute's enti

Hello All,
I Make application for booking system, so the user can request booking.
I want to make my table is only shown whenever the request by ( Attributes of entities) is same with the user current login ID. I tried this by my own way, but still having problem that the table doesn't want appear. Is there any way to solve this problem?

So this is my data current right now it having RequestBy(108,108,7)

And what i want to do is like when the current login id is 108, then the requestBy 108 (2 data) will appear , if the current login id is 7 , then the requestBy 7 (1 data) will appear. I tried by this logic,i put enclose in if in the table with that condition, but i think that's the wrong logic.

Now i am stuck here right now, is anyone can help me to solve this problem? Thanks very much before

Hi Bhetrand

Add the filter condition in aggregate. Some thing link below 

trxBooking.RequestBy  =  GetUserId()

Best Regards


It works, thanks very much Devendra.
Really appreciated it !!

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