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I am saving my employee data in the database with the help of local variable. But when I click on edit option from Employee list it gives me empty field.Then how can I show the  Data on edit mode.See the .oml

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You need to pass the id of the employee to the edit screen that way you will be able to filter the employee table and retrieve the information for the employee you want to edit. I am going to check your OML.

I saw that you are putting on the input variables that are not filled. What you can do is

1option, fill the variables by doing an after fetching on the aggregate

And you assign the values from the aggregate


2option use the aggregates values directly on the inputs and you don't need the local variables

And you do the same for the rest of the inputs

Don't forget to link a column to the employee's screen, check below images

And pass the employee id

Let me know if it helps you! :)

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Thnaks it works

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