Error downgrade database when try install LifeTime
Platform Version


We have our own server to install LifeTime.

We installed platform server version instead of (LifeTimeWithPlatform version) dedicated just for LifeTime.

So we uninstalled everything and deleted the folders created from 11.15.0.

After restarting the server and install the correct version of lifetime ( - LifeTimeWithPlatform version) this error occurred in the configuration tool, when trying to create database (Oracle):

So we tried to do what is in this post:

and we run this script

but now the error has changed:

Any tips on what to do, still need to delete some configuration file from version 11.15.0 ?


Hi Carlos Alberto Mattana,

Try uninstalling other components from the control panel related to .NET Applications, Visual Studio, etc.

Then you try installing it.


Saksham Srivastava

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