Inline css remains in Architecture Dashboard after removal & sync

After removing the inline css and after several syncs. The Architecture dashboard keep showing the same amount of inlines. Anyone else having this problem?  

Are false positives a common occurrence?

Hi J,

So when you check the mentioned finding in Service Studio, do you still see the inline css there? 

It can be in more than one place:

In the Styles tab: 

Or as a style attribute in the Properties tab:

If you don't see inline css anymore but the finding is still present in Architecture Dashboard, it might be an idea to get in touch with OutSystems support.

Hi Ozan, guys.

Yes there are many per property box. 

There also says there are 40 inlines and I have removed at least 80 but the amount remains at 40.

So that's another question.... 

Are the findings of (40 inlines found) truly representative?  Is it 40 rules defined? or 40 property boxes with multiple rules per box?


I'd say its 40 property boxes with multiple rules per box, but I'm not sure either..

Ok 40 property boxes. I can work with that. Ill keep you guys updated after the sync.

The Architecture dashboard is now showing 37 inlines.  The project I have been assigned to clear up has a heavily nested widget tree. I have cleared at least 20 property boxes & 50+ css rules. So the count of inlines Architecture Dashboard uses cant be that metric.



Probably you must wait a little longer to the effect can be seen in Architecture Dashboard. It is not immediate. 


The sync will occur in less than 1 hour so I will let you know.

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