How can I manage spaces and sizes in Outsystems?

How can I manage spaces and sizes in Outsystems?

hello guys! I'm a newbie in Outsystems and I was wondering how can I manage space and size in the app.

I've try to press enter but it doesn't work (it cleand my canvas).

What can I do to insert spaces between gadgets?


You can use the spacing classes from the OutSystemsUI Theme

Check the spacing classes in this link that OutSystemsUI provides.

Then you just need to put the class on the style classes of the element

If you want to give a bottom space, you need to use margin-bottom as I did here, where I am giving a space of 24px to the bottom of the element that I am giving the class.

For the heights, you can use the height property on the styles, which I don't recommend, or use padding as you do for spacings or you can create custom classes to give min heights or heights, but remember if you give a heigh it will be a static measure, you can always do min-height. You can check at the same link(above) the padding classes to apply.



Thank u for your insights! I'll try this soon!

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