Popup auto resize


I'm having a problem with

I have a popup window with a table record on which the records are editable.

I have an OnChange event to update each record

Everytime I trigger the OnChage the popup seems to refresh (blinks).

It looks like it has nothing to do with my ajax refresh (it does not blink if done in a non pop up window), it looks like its trying to rezise the popup and its very anoying

Is there a way to prevent this automatic resize?

Hi Rui,

with ajax the popup should not resize... this is strange do you have the refresh assigned only to a part of the popup or to the entire popup?
please make sure that you only refreshing the required container.

BTW some time ago I noticed that the onchange make my preparation runs again even with ajax refresh in it.. if you notice that ( place a break point in the preparation and trigger the onchange with debug on..) it means that this onchange is submit... so it will be a pain make the popup stop blinking because it always will refresh the entire popup and run the preparation again...

If you realy need to stop the blinking I have one sugestion... (NOT TESTED)
remove the onchange property from the widget and place it in the extended properties and with that onchange click in a hidden ajax button that will trigger the OnChange action. If you need help on that let me know.

Carlos Rocha

I ended up creating a new Popup_Editor_NoAjaxRefresh by copy the PopupEditor and change these lines:

popupDiv.find('iframe').load(function() {
       //after loading try to resize, if it is possible resize also after each ajax call
       RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize(setWidth, setHeight, true, supportsShadows);
       if(RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize(setWidth, setHeight, true, supportsShadows))
            parent.RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize(setWidth, setHeight, false, supportsShadows);

I'm sure there are more elegant ways to accomplish this...


I had that behaviour in, the ajax refresh would trigger a post, but it was fixed in 

Hi Rui,

Thanks for the tip. Resizing after an ajax call actually can make sense in some situations, but when there is no change in size it should not blink.
I've forwarded this info to support so it can be addressed in future versions.

Tiago Simões

I'm using SS 6.0.9 and getting the same behavior that Rui Barbosa.

Any new development?