Cannot launch Service Studio - "You need a 64-bit Windows version", but I am
Service Studio Version
11.14.16 (Build 60354)

Just installed Service Studio and am trying to run it. When I do, it pops up with an error:

"To run Service Studio, you need a x64 (64-bit) Windows version."

But I am on a 64-bit Windows version, so I don't know why it's giving me this error. It happens the same when it runs as administrator. OutSystems version was downloaded fresh (11.14.16 build 60354), but we had an older installer around as well I tried with initially (11.11.7 build 45559) with the same result.

Strangely, Integration Studio seems to open just fine.

I did previous have a much older installation of OutSystems installed back in 2019, and then stopped using the application for a few years. But I did uninstall that one first before installing this one. Don't know if that could have left behind some artifacts that are messing with the check.

Try to uninstall the any possible previous versions by using  windows regedit. Click window+R to open run, type regedit and then click ok button.

Navigate to the following key:


You will see many keys there. These represent the installed programs. They may have long numbers or names.

In case they have names, they would be easy to identify, and in most cases, its UninstallString would point to its un-installers path. 

May be this can help.

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