[OutSystems UI] if trigger on tooltip is set to nulltextidentifier then on click triggers tootip
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11.53.0 (Build 60533)
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11.14.0 (Build 34092)

Ideally if the trigger on tooltip was set to Nulltextidentifier then effectively the trigger is disabled.  At the moment when it is set to nulltextidentifier then the trigger becomes on click. See example app attached.

Tooltip bug.oap

Hello @Paul Davies 

This is by design not a bug. When nothing is passed (NullTextIdentifier = Empty String) we use the default value of the onclick
The trigger is not a status and disable is a status.
We can think about adding an Enable/Disable status in the future but if you need that now you can create a custom CSS class to add that behaviour and pass it in the Extended class, that will do the job.


Hi Goncalo,

This doesn't look to be the case though as the notes say default is onhover


To clarify, on my first answer I switched the event's name - my bad.

So to make it clear:

  • The default value is onhover but internally (meaning when null text is passed) it needs to match this value and is being fixed in the current sprint since we already got this in our tests
  • NullTextIdentifier = Empty String, so the behavior we defined (by design) will be the same as the default in order to work as a fallback since it makes no sense to pass a null value here
  • A trigger is not a status, so we'll analyze it makes sense to add that (not as a trigger)
    • if that is a need you can add the extended class or use an if to switch between statuses (tooltip if enable or an icon or text if not)

Hope this helps clarify.


Hello @Paul Davies  

Any further questions following up on my last question, since this thread is still open?

FYI: The topic that needed to be fixed will be released in version 2.10.0 (scheduled for next month)


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