I have Assigned Role to screen but getting error after executing & running in browser
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.53.0 (Build 60533)

Hi All,

I have assigned admin role to 2nd screen & while running in browser home screen executing but  when I am trying to access second screen via link on home screen getting error as "There was an error processing your request. Please try again later... "

Please clarify the issue & help with resolution.



Hi Dipali,

Most probably this error is not related to assigned role. This seems some logic error. I suggest you should check service center logs for cause of the error. If you can share the OML file then it will be easy to find the root cause of the error.



Thanks for responding.

Here I have attached oml file please check and help to rectify.


I am not able to run this oml file due to missing dependncy but from service center logs seems this is due to the theme which you import. There is error in the theme. It will be helpful if you can provide dependency OML as well .


Please find attached OML file for dependencies


Hi Dipali,

Home screen is only available for Registered and Admin role. You need to first login into application then you can access the home screen.



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