Cannot resize Width table Reactive Web

Hello All,
can some one help me?

I already tried to resize the header cell "Booking Type" with this way ,

And also this way,

But the width still not change, i already tried to search on this forums before, but no one solution help.. can some one help me?

Thankyou very much before!



First, that's not ok to put inline styles, you are doing it wrong. You should inspect the header cell and find the class that gives the width or the space, then you just needed to add some sort of custom class or even customize the class directly on the parent class that gives the width.

But, if you want that to work, It should be style instead of width and where you have "70px;" it should be "width:70px;"

So on the property input, you put style and on the value, you can put "min-width:70px;"

Check this post

Like this

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Its really helped me alot,, thanks Marcio Really appreciated it !
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