how to search id or name using search-bar from multiple table lists?

how to search id or name using search-bar from multiple table lists.I want to write experssion for searching the  id or username from multiple table lists.

Hi Aboli,

could you please explain your requirement in little details with some example.


I need to filter table lists are present in child block and search bar is present in the parent block...How can I write filter query in the aggragate for searching the table list by userId or username?

You need to pass the Search value to the blocks and filter the aggregates from the blocks.

When you press Search, refresh the blocks.


Hi Aboli,

In an OutSystems aggregate, you can join multiple entities together that are related, and then create filters on any of the attributes of the entities that you have included in the aggregate. 

If you can to search on multiple attributes, you can either add multiple filters that behave as an AND, or use OR in a filter to for example find on Id or Username.

This is all pretty basic 101 OutSystems development, that is converted in the free training material available.



Hi Aboli,

if I understood well you have multiple table lists and one search bar input.

  • Assign a local variable to the search bar input (i.e. Search)
  • On every aggregate (or any other list source) add the following expression in the Filters.
    • If (Search <> "", Table1.Id like "%" + Search  + "%" or Table1.Username like "%" + Search  + "%", True)


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