Converting Text to TextLiteral

Hi all,

im trying to use the BuildSafe_InClauseTextList . but seems it is requiring of type TextLiteral.

i need to dynamically add on a list of texts into my IN clause,

for below snippet, i created a TextLiteral List, and used ListAppendAll, element [0] = "SomeText",  but i cant add text to it as per instruction below. 

it will prompt error "TextLiteral" data type required instead of text"

ListA[0].Value = "John Doe"
ListA[1].Value = "Mary O'Hara"
BuildSafe_InClauseTextList(ListA) = "'John Doe','Mary O''Hara'"

links below are my references.*1qybgxe*_ga*MTQ4MzgxOTcuMTY0MDU3Nzk1NQ..*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTY1NDIzMTU0Ny42MS4xLjE2NTQyMzQ1MTYuNjA.#Structure_TextLiteral


You need to do create a list of textLiteral. Add value in those text literals and then pass this list to BuildSafe_InClauseTextList.

do u know how to use the "BuildSafe_InClause TextList"  from Sanitization api ?

it seems the return value is e.g "'Test'"    or     "'Test1','Test2'"  .

however when using the advanced SQL test. it will not return any results by "'Test'" , instead i can search for is "Test" . 

and if there is no result, "''". meaning this will always come in as no results ?

nvm, after changing expand inline to yes, seems to work

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