what is a aggregate identifier ?

Lets say I have a users aggregate . I already have a ID attribute . then I make a name attribute and set its data type as user identifier . what is mean by user identifier . what does my name attribute represent now ? . what will be the difference between id and name attribute now 


You can put the name as an identifier. An identifier is something unique, a name will not be unique or it shouldn't.

Why do you want to put the name as a user identifier? What you should do is, to create a reference between the user table and another table you should create an FK of type UserIdentifier, that will create the reference between tables, after that when you want to create a record that has the User FK you need to insert also the UserIdentifier to make the relationship and to identify the User.

Ps: The name should be text, not User Identifier generally speaking. But If you want to save in an attribute/variable some id, it should be the user identifier of data type User Identifier.



But answering your question, the data type will be the same, but an id and a name are different things when you think about that, an ID is supposed to be unique, and a name is not unique. But still, you can still say the name, but the nomenclature is not right.


You will have a roles identifier instead of a user identifier that will say which role the user on the entity has in case you have also the user identifier in the table... But you already have a table for that on System where you can filter by user identifier and it will give you the roles that the user has.



sorry instead of user identifier I wanted to write other table name. I mistyped . 

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