Bulk Select with destination?

Bulk Select with destination?


My problem is in a page with list records and 2 buttons.

When no record is selected (check box) I want to show button1, but when at least one of the records is selected I want to show button2.
Everything is fine until we add in Bulk Select...

Is there a way I can add a destination to bulk select? any other way to do it?

thank you.
Hi Cristovao,

I made a version of you oml with some changes but I could not test it because I have some missing references.
I test it in a version of 6.0 and it works with one exepction the bulk is allways unchecked but you could solve this using some java script
you this happens to you in 5.1 please let me know I can help you to solve that.

my solution simply add a container arround the bulk with on click set to go to your action.
I put this Conteiner with the "float:left" style in order to the container be placed more closer to the widget.
I add a input parameter  to your action to know if it is called from the bulk or from the normal checkbox.

Carlos Rocha
Hi Cistovao
I find the problem in 6.0 and I think that 5.1 will have the same so I'm uploading a new version
this one should do the trick.
The problem was that for some reason the onclick property of the container is blocking the the bulk to change the check status.
if I place the on click in the extend properties it works just fine. but to call a screen action you need another trick so I have placed a conteiner with the display set to false 
and a button inside it. the conteiner arround the bulk will click in this button calling the screen action...

Hope that this helped.
Carlos Rocha
Problem solved.

Ended up using the button.Id+".click()" onclick extended property.

Thank you for the lightning fast help, Carlos.
Hi Cristovao,

I'm glad to hear that your problem is solved,
please don't hesitate in tell us your problems , we are here to help you

Carlos Rocha