Community edition limitations

I've seen some posts in the forums about various restrictions with the CE.  Can someone point me to the full, complete list of limitations for CE?  My areas of concern based on posts I've read in the forums are:

- Limit of 5 concurrent users.  Seriously?  So, the pricing / advertising says "Unlimited users" for CE but, in reality, the limit is session concurrency with a limit of 5??  That's a non-starter for us.  

- Roles.  We can't define roles in CE?  How then do we prevent users from accessing other apps that might be running on the same CE server e.g. the Users app seems to be a required app for any OS deployment, is it not?  Right now, any of test users I've created in my test app can log right into the Users app *if they know the URL* (which any hacker will know).  Am I missing something?  How do I limit users to only the apps I want them to access?

- Not a CE limitation but is it correct (seems so after my discussions with sales) that we can't actually partiation into an n-tier architecture (DB on one server, web tier on a farm, etc) unless we buy the Enterprise Edition?  And, did I hear the sales team correctly that the Enterprise license fee is 60k/year?  

Anyway, yeah it's a nice system but is it really worth the $?  I'm still not sure.  

Hi Chris,
I'm not the best person to answer you question.
but you can give a look at this.

I had a comunty version to do some personal projects. I can do everithing. like in another version.
I can set as many roles as I want. and never see any problem related with permissions.

The only thing that comunity edition as limited is the number of SUs. 30 000 of Software Units.

all the rest works in the same way as a payed version.

the only thing that I can't tell you for sure is the number of concurrnt users but I think that this is unlimited. I do't know where you heard that but probably is not related with 6.0.
in older versions there are a limit of concurrent users. but I think that in 6.0 that limit was removed.


Carlos Rocha
Hi Chris,

The 5-user limit no longer exists. It did exist on the CE 5.x, but it was never concurrent users, but "named" users in Service Center (developers, if you will). Now you have a limit of 5 different ROLES in Service Center (to segment who can publish what etc) but no limit on the users, runtime or Service Center-wise.

There are no Users-espace number of roles limitation that I know of.

As for the segmentation of eSpaces, you can use the Zones feature (i.e. certain eSpaces go only to certain nodes) and move the system eSpaces to internal network only machines. The multi-node feature is not available on CE though.

You can, however, have the DB on a different machine than the Application Server. The same-server limitation existed many years ago but on a different kind of licensing we had.

Hope this helps,

I have a CE with a problem i can't add permissions and roles to users, so I  can create a user but I can't enter in application with that user to test because i can't give him permissions.

Its that normal in the CE edition or i'm missing something?

Best Regards,
Frederico Fernandes
Hello Frederico,

have you tried to access to http://youservername/Users?

there you can manage users.

Hello Miguel,

tanks it works.

Best Regards,
Frederico Fernandes