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Is there any method to set the size of a column? I can't seem to find it. 

My use case is that I want people to download a template file that can be used to import data in the application. There are hidden sheets with data and pulldowns on the first sheet pointing to the data, so we prevent mistyped data. I would like to have the columns usable widths so they can start using it right away. And since there data is not yet there the Autofit doesn't work correctly.



Hi @Vincent Koning ,

What i understand from your issue is. You can try for following

Make AutofitColumn property to Yes

This will make Auto fit size according to your column name. If there is no data still it will be visible

Refer image or this not able to solve your problem the please specify in detail


Hi PSS, 

Like I said, I don't want to use Autofit because the columns are empty except for the header name. And some header names only have a few characters, but the data will a lot larger. So, I want to make sure that the column is already wide enough to hold around 80% of the use cases. And no, having longer header names is also not the solution since that will be unfamiliar for our end-users.



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