Server/Client actions should trigger update on changed logic


Currently when updating logic in a server/client action, consumer modules will not update, even if you use the "Publish all consumers" in ServiceCenter. The consumer module will be updated with the latest version, but the specific action will not. 

As far as I've discovered, server/client actions will only update when you change something regarding the Input, Output or the description of the action. So my workaround is to just add/remove a space at the end of my description of the actions whenever I change logic in an action. It's rather tedious and it really sucks when you forget to make a change in the description, as the consumer will not use the most recent version of your action.

I'm guessing there is a reason why it's just triggered on input/output/description, but I'd love to take content/logic change into concideration aswell, as if you look at the connections, it will say that your application is using the latest version of some module, but in reality, it's just using the latest version of the action where input/output/description was changed.

Br. Viktor

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This is not an idea, instead, and this is a guess, this is a question on how one correctly should refresh dependencies in consumer modules when logic is changed in a producer module.

Questions should be asked on the not on Ideas.

The whole conclusion and workaround is incorrect. You need to update references, and publish.

I got this answer when posting in Ideas (I have no idea where something like this is supposed to be brought up), but I'm not sure as to what is incorrect regarding my conclusion and workaround. The conclusion is based off of real scenarios that we've experienced this in our project, where one made it into production. The workaround to change the description has worked wonders and I have not experienced this issue. 

What is the correct conclusion regarding this? Could you explain how it actually works and what it is that I'm experiencing when I refresh a consumer module, but the logic used in runtime is not the latest version of what I've published?

@Daniël Kuhlmann

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